Michelle S(non-registered)
It was a pleasure meeting you on the 8/26/13 whale-watching trip. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures from that day. I am ordering a print today as a souvenir from my family's first (and hopefully not last) whale-watching expedition!
Pete Blodgett(non-registered)
Hey Craig, hope all is well with you. I hope it is OK to use your photos in a talk I am going to give about our mission at our church. Thanks for taking them. You are talented.
MaryJo Christenson(non-registered)
Craig, your photos are incredible! I am very interested in your note cards as gifts for friends. I had a wonderful time with Claudia today looking for whales! Thanks for sharing your ticket!
Malcolm Taylor(non-registered)
I had the pleasure of meeting you this evening, Craig, at the Depot during Art Walk, and you took the time to explain that what appeared to me as a mid-air fishing lure was actually part of the fish the bird was devouring. I see in your work not only your artistry and eye for beauty, but your appreciation of nature's wonder, power, mystery and joy. And wit. Certainly wit.
Ana Luisa Castillo(non-registered)
Great pictures Craig!
Sue Hamilton(non-registered)
Craig LOVE the work!
Rick Boydston(non-registered)
You've done some great photography! I've got you bookmarked for future strolls through your work.
Carrie Lynn Gummer
ok so noooooowwwww i'm registered.
Just keeping up with you. Wonderful, awesome, fabulous! The El Salvador shots moved me to tears. Very humbling and memorable. I can't wait to have a chance to talk to you about your trip. I love you! Keep up the good work. xxxooo
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