Michelle S(non-registered)
It was a pleasure meeting you on the 8/26/13 whale-watching trip. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures from that day. I am ordering a print today as a souvenir from my family's first (and hopefully not last) whale-watching expedition!
Pete Blodgett(non-registered)
Hey Craig, hope all is well with you. I hope it is OK to use your photos in a talk I am going to give about our mission at our church. Thanks for taking them. You are talented.
MaryJo Christenson(non-registered)
Craig, your photos are incredible! I am very interested in your note cards as gifts for friends. I had a wonderful time with Claudia today looking for whales! Thanks for sharing your ticket!
Malcolm Taylor(non-registered)
I had the pleasure of meeting you this evening, Craig, at the Depot during Art Walk, and you took the time to explain that what appeared to me as a mid-air fishing lure was actually part of the fish the bird was devouring. I see in your work not only your artistry and eye for beauty, but your appreciation of nature's wonder, power, mystery and joy. And wit. Certainly wit.
Ana Luisa Castillo(non-registered)
Great pictures Craig!
Sue Hamilton(non-registered)
Craig LOVE the work!
Rick Boydston(non-registered)
You've done some great photography! I've got you bookmarked for future strolls through your work.
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